Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Elgin OGS Talbot Times June 1988 - The Black Family of Sparta 1874 Accident

The Black Family of Sparta - A tragic accident.
This article appears in the June 1988 Talbot Times.

The Black Family of Sparta - Talbot Times - 1988 June

Talbot Times - March 1988 Elgin OGS - St Thomas A&P Store

A history of the St Thomas A&P store can be found in the March 1988 Talbot Times link below.

St Thomas A&P Talbot Times 1988 March

Elgin OGS Talbot Times 1988 - Moses Bevans Travels 1810

The Travels of Moses Bevans are described in the March 1988 Talbot Times

Moses Bevans 1810

Aurella Tozier Obituary 1887 - Elgin OGS Talbot Times March 1988

The link below leads to an article about Aurella Tozier's death in 1887

Talbot Times Newsletter 1988 March edition

Monday, March 23, 2015

ELgin OGS Talbot Times - 1853 Weekly Dispatch - Births, Deaths and Marriage

1853 Weekly Dispatch St Thomas
The above link to the September 1987 Talbot Times leads to 1853 Births, Deaths and Marriages found in the St Thomas, Ontario Weekly Dispatch.

Sunday, March 22, 2015

Talbot - Times June1987 Searching Records

The above link leads to a brief article which provides tips for searching various records including court records.

Elgin OGS June 1987 article - History of the Cheaspeake and Ohio Railway Co., Canadian Division

A history of the Chesapeake and Ohio Railway Division Canadian Division can be found by following the link below - 

Talbot - Times - June 1987