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Captain William Francis 1750 - 1814 and Catharine Bowlby Query

A query was received by a researcher who is looking for descendants of Captain William Francis and Catharine Bowlby through their only son Thomas Francis who was married to Electa Waggoner. Permission was granted to Elgin OGS to make this post.

The researcher has been working on his murder for some twenty years with the intention of placing a plaque at the location of his murder. Ontario Heritage Trust informed them at first their subject was worthy of a plaque but by the time they submitted the application someone different was in charge and were turned down. North Erie Shore Historical Society in Selkirk has agreed to pay the difference and they have a plaque on order which will be placed at the entrance to Selkirk Provincial Park and dedicated on Sunday October 19th at 2:00 pm. They have attached the proof of the plaque below. 

Recently when talking with Daryl McTavish of Fieldcote Museum in Ancaster who was involved with the 299th year commemoration of the Bloody Assize and hanging of the eight men on July 20th 1814 at Burlington Heights,  he has suggested if we could find and invite descendants it would add greatly to what we are doing.

We have traced ten of the twelve children and find there is a good possibility there may still be descendants in Elgin or Kent County, though a lot of the children and grandchildren ended up in Michigan.

Wondering if anyone there has knowledge of any of the family members or might better know how one might find them.
Helen Bingleman
P.O. Box 222
N0E 1W0


St. Thomas Times Journal
ELECTA WAGONER was born Jan. 11th, 1797, near Auburn, N.Y.; came to
Canada with her parents in 1810; and settled in Walpole. She married
Thomas FRANCIS Sept. 15th, 1816, and had twelve children, ten yet
living. They moved to New Sarum in 1820, and settled on a farm. He
died in Jan. 1855, aged 65, and she still lives on the place with her
son, Foster FRANCIS, enjoying good health.
Descendants of Thomas Francis
1  Thomas Francis 1790 - 1855
..  +Electa Waggoner 1797 - 1894
........ 2  William Francis 1817 - 1897
............  +Matilda Doan 1822 - 1855
........  *2nd Wife of William Francis:
............  +Ellen Hepburn
........  *3rd Wife of William Francis:
............  +Jessie Davidson 1843 -
........ 2  Elizabeth Francis 1820 - 1908
............  +Hamilton Emery 1798 - 1863
........ 2  Foster W. Francis 1821 - 1901
............  +Rebecca Deo 1826 - 1903
........ 2  Electa Francis 1823 - 1903
............  +Calvin Atherton 1825 - 1883
........ 2  Jane Francis 1825 - 1903
............  +George Wilcox 1825 - 1897
........ 2  George Francis 1827 -
............  +Matilda Jane Wooley
........  *2nd Wife of George Francis:
............  +Elizabeth Weed 1835 - 1908
........ 2  Thomas Francis 1828 - 1904
............  +Lucy Moore 1841 - 1922
........ 2  Emily Francis 1833 - 1914
............  +Adams Robins 1823 - 1901
........ 2  Catharine Francis 1834 - 1914
............  +Jabez Kitchen 1823 - 1894
........  *2nd Husband of Catharine Francis:
............  +John R. McKinlay
........ 2  John W. Francis 1839 - 1909
............  +Charlotte Aldritt 1841 -

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100th Anniversary of World War 1

On the anniversary of the 100th year of the declaration of World War 1, the Hamilton Ontario Lancaster is preparing for a flight to England to join up with the only other flying Lancaster on a tour in England.
 Personal photographs August 4th, 2014

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The Newman Family in Elgin County Ontario Canada - Joseph Alfred Newman - Part 12

Joseph Alfred Newman was the son of John & Susan was born January 20, 1904. He married Isabella Russell in St Thomas, Ontario. Isabella died April 7, 1971. Joseph died December 10, 1966.

Their son was John Martin Newman was born June 08, 1921, St Thomas, Ontario, Canada. The “Marriage Certificate for Joseph Alfred Newman” shows the following -

            His name                   Joseph Alfred Newman


            Residence                  St Thomas, Ontario

            Birthplace                  Port Stanley, Ontario

            B or W                      Bachelor

            Occupation                Labourer

            Name of Parents        John & Susan Newman

            Her name                  Isabella Russell

            Age                          18

            Residence                  St Thomas, Ontario

            Birthplace                  Edinburgh, Scotland

            Name of Parents         Martin & Isabella Russell

            Date & Place of Marriage     June 6, 1920 St Thomas

            Religion Groom                  Methodist

            Religion Bride                    Methodist

            Witnesses                         Percy & Ethel Edwards


Information Sheet - John Martin Newman Flying Officer -   J86853

Branch of Service:                     RCAF - 427 - Lion SQDN

Date & Place of Birth:                June 8, 1921, St Thomas, Ontario

Parents:                                  Joseph & Isabella Newman

Date & Place of Appointment:     April 6, 1942, London

Theatres of Service:                   Europe

Date & Place of Retirement:        September 10, 1945, Toronto

Rank on Retirement:                  F/O
Remarks:    Shot down over Stutgart, March 15, 1944. POW from March 25, 1944to May 14, 1945 in STALAG LUFT 1 Barth, Germany

ARTICLE - RELEASE FROM HUN PRISON Warrant Officer John M Newman, son of Mrs Joseph Newman of Cleveland, formerly of St Thomas, who has arrived safely in England after being a prisoner of war in Germany for a year and three months. He is the oldest grandson of Mrs A Mutch, Talbot Street and grandson of Mrs John Newman, of Park Avenue of this city. He graduated in the RCAF from Crumlin. WO Newman is a native of St Thomas and went to live in Cleveland when a small boy.

ROYAL CANADIAN AIR FORCE This is to certify that Flying Officer CAN J 86653, John Martin Newman, served on active service with the Royal Canadian Air Force. From 6th April 1942 and was retired under KR(AIR) 151 (1) on completion of a term of voluntary service during an emergency on the tenth day of September 1945. Particulars of Active Service - Service in the theatre of war - yes. Number of occasions wounded - nil. Orders, Decorations, Medals, Mentions, and commendations awarded during above service - 1939 - 45 Star Canadian Volunteer Service Medal & Clasp - Air Observer's Badge. 10th September 1945

ISSUED WAR SERVICE BADGE (General Service Class) No. 253741

Sex:                             Male

Age:                             24

Height:                          5 feet 8 inches

Complexion:                  Medium

Eyes:                            Blue

Hair:                             Brown

Visible marks or scars:   scar on left forehead and right eyebrow

Signature:                     J.M. Newman


Discharged:                   September 10, 1945, Toronto

Enlisted:                       April 06, 1942, London, Ontario, RCAF

Residence:                    Hot Springs Valley, Arkansas

Marriage Certificate of John Martin Newman & Isabella Russell

Name                            John Martin Newman

Age                               21

Born                             June 8, 1921

Residence                      Cleveland, Ohio

Birthplace                      St Thomas, Ontario

B or W                          Bachelor

Occupation                     Communication Tech Supervisor

Name of Parents            Joseph Alfred & Isabella Newman

Her name                      Isabel Ratcliffe

Age                               19

Born                             March 7, 1923

Birthplace                      Hamilton, Ontario

Name of Parents            John Rowan Ratcliffe and Margaret Worden

Date & Place of Marriage   January 23, 1943 in St David’s Church Hamilton, Ontario

Religion Groom              Methodist

Religion Bride                Presbyterian

Witnesses                     Colin Brown & Richard Cowan

They had two sons.

The Newman Family in Elgin County Ontario Canada - Vendetta Newman - Part 11

Vendetta (Newman) Allen “Ven” another daughter of John and Susan was born in 1908 in Elgin County Ontario Canada and died August 28, 1988, in Florida. She married Edward Allen. Ven lived in Cleveland for many years and had two sons and two daughters. The eldest son was nicknamed “Sparky.”